Naddi View Point: The Abode of the Clouds


…the clouds adored the mountain tops…with their soft tenderness…and love…we just felt like flying high…

We stepped out of our SUV with this amazing feeling enchanting us. Our trip to Mcleodganj this summer had began with a bang and Naddi was perhaps one of the most amazing spots in and around Dharamshala.


The Abode of the Clouds

The Abode of Clouds

We went through a small trail through the pine woods to enter a clearing facing the wide valley with the majestic Dhauladhar guarding like a giant wall. The dark clouds had created a magical aura of shadow and shades looming over the green valley. The Sun shined brightly on us. Yet we could feel the damp over us. The clouds were passing by and were touching us with their elegant tenderness.


The valley view: Naddi Village

The Naddi Village

Naddi town (height 2000 m) which now looks like a crowded resort haven, was once a small village in upper Dharamshala. It is hardly 3Km away from the buzzing tourist hub Mcleodganj. The inhabitants of Naddi village originally belonged to the local Gaddi clan speaking Gaddi language.


Way to the Naddi Village


Through the Pine Woods


At present this language has been deeply influenced by Hindi and majority of the local culture has been influenced by people migrating to the Himachal from Punjab and Haryana. The picturesque village is the abode of deep pine woods, Himalayan oaks and gigantic rhododendron trees.


Naddi Village

The Naddi Lake

Naddi is famous for a small natural lake popularly known as the Dal Lake. The rectangular shaped lake is located by the side of the Sunset Point road. Unlike other fresh water lakes the Dal Lake is fed mainly by rain waters from the hills. Probably this is the reason why its waters look so murky.


The Dal Lake, Naddi

The local people treat the Dal Lake as one of the Holy places in Dharamshala. Thousands of pilgrims take holy dip in the waters of the Dal Lake. A beautiful temple is located by the side of the lake. At present HPTDC had started boating services to entertain tourists and travellers visiting Naddi.


The beautiful Dal Lake

Way Back to Mcleodganj

Before leaving this amazing spot, we enjoyed coffee and snacks at the famous Angelina Cafe. While joining back the Mcleodganj Road we thoroughly enjoyed the panoramic view of the entire Mcleodganj town.


View of Mcleodganj from Dal-Lake Link Road

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