Traditional Himachal Cuisine from Jana Falls, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh

Traditional Himachal Cuisine from Jana Falls, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh

Indranil Mutsuddi….

Watch the Video at Youtube..

By God’s grace we were among the few lucky ones to behold the majestic Jana Falls, far far away from the crowd of buzzing tourist activities at Manali & Kullu….

Drizzling sound of Jana falls, amidst the lush green pJanaine woods towering the snow clad rocky slopes pierced by snow covered roads and with the chill in the air around us was creating an out of the world aura we had hardly explored anywhere in any hill station.

We were seated in a small local restaurant (Maniram Dhaba) and having a tasty lunch with freshly cooked local dishes served with warm hospitality.



The ambiance around Jana falls was enough to make us feel the essence of ‘Incredible India’. Keeping apart the mesmerizing beauty of the place the delicious local foods served in the local restaurant is worth mentioning.


The dish consists of fresh farm made Makki-di-roti (Traditional North Indian Bread) and traditional red Jattu rice served with Rajma curry, Sarsoo-da-saag, hot home made pure ghee, jaggery, Siddu a special type of local momo topped with chutney cooked from coriander leaves and apple crust. Kheer is served as sweet dish with every meal.


It was our privilege to have a chat with Mrs Thakur, a budding Foodie Entrepreneur and resident of Jana Village regarding the traditional food habits of the region. We were lucky enough to record a rare video footage of our interaction with this charming entrepreneur.

Link to the Video Footage:

Jana falls is one among the unexplored beauties of Manali. It is almost 34 KM away from Manali and 14 KM away from the Naggar Castle, located at Jana village (located at a height of 2200 m above the sea level with a population of 1367). The name of the falls was popularized by the name of village itself. It was great to know that the local farmers of the village were taking the leading role to promote the Waterfalls as one of the tourist attractions in and around Manali.

Watch the Video at Youtube..

Still Snaps & Video Shots & Design: Indranil Mutsuddi





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