Join us with the song of the Nature in Dalhousie…

Indranil Mutsuddi

I was reciting a few lines from Wordsworth’s immortal creation “Why art thou silent! Is thy love a plant”….

“Why art thou silent! Is thy love a plant

Of such weak fibre that the treacherous air

Of absence withers what was once so fair?

Is there no debt to pay, no boon to grant?

Yet have my thoughts for thee been vigilant—

Bound to thy service with unceasing care,

The mind’s least generous wish a mendicant

For nought but what thy happiness could spare”

It was getting too hot in Delhi during this summer, even with this beautiful poem there was no respite in my mind. When I shared my feelings with my wife and kid, they too shared their despair and frustration with the heat wave around us since the last one and half months. We all were craving for a much needed escape to the lap of a hill station and we wanted it to be soon. Thanks to the web world, our bookings were confirmed within half an hour and the good news was that we would be at Dalhousie this coming week-end with a Friday Holiday on the cards.

Being at Dalhousie


Well being at Dalhousie, a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, had always been a charming experience for me since my childhood. The shady pine woods, chill in the breeze, murmur of the little brooks, orchestra of the crickets and the mysteriously looking colonial bunglows  of Dalhousie had created a long lasting impression on my mind every since my first visit during childhood.


The funny thing is that today, I am not at all going to share with you guys any of the journals of my travel in and around Dalhousie. I keep it reserved for another good day, another opportune moment. Today I am going to share with you the joy of being at the sheer wilderness, the joy of being just alone with your dear ones in the lap of the woods and flowers of Dalhousie.


Flying with the vastness of the valleys


Guys! one of the most refreshing moments at Dalhousie could be just standing alone in front of the wide expanse of an overlooking valley. You could have a “Titanic deck moment” by spreading your arms and breathing the fresh air. You could behold a distant flying kite, listen to it shrill cries. The mist around the far off snow clad peaks could mesmerize you, make you lost. The whooting of the doves in an unseen branch above you could break your spell and bring you back at the present world.


The Dark Woods…

The pine woods could scare you to the hell if you can’t brave out their sheer silence with the early morning mists around. As the day light is on, the known world shakes out from its past night’s sleep. You could just find the ants getting busier on the pine barks. You could hear the cooing and chirping of invisible birds in the bushes.


….The chirpy unknown blue bird…

There could even be a sudden buzz of the band of crickets around you. This is magic. This could touch your soul….touch your heart…

The wild Blooms around you..

DSC02808 DSC02829 DSC03004 

……One..then two…then suddenly many around you…

You may walk around near the lush green bushes.


Your thirsty eyes could suddenly catch the glimpse of a wild rose. You may find “One”, followed by “another” and then suddenly out of no-where there could be plenty of them around you.

DSC02822 DSC03003

You may wonder, keep on wondering..till you could be surprised with bundles of purple Antirihnum and a carpet of thousands of calendulas in front of you.

DSC02858 DSC03008 DSC03011

Behold and…Get lost among the Antirihnum…

DSC03010 DSC03012

The serpentine roads..


The serpentine roads could take you far away..make you lost..till you suddenly stand in front of the wide expanse of the Himalayas. You may sit, laugh and cry with nothing around you. The murmur of the brooks and the sweet fragrance of the wilderness could enchant you, take you to a magical world.


The green meadows..

The green meadows of the Khajjiyar, gurgling sound of clattering fish in the turbid waters of the shallow lake and the backdrop of the towering pine woods may sing the “song of the nature” – which I have heard, we have heard, and people have heard…

Well it could just be the turn for you all to join us in this eternal bliss….

DSC02927…The green meadows of the Khajjiyar…


Watch our videos…

Written and Photographed (Stills, Video shoot and Mix) by: Indranil mutsuddi

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