Kalsang Friends’ Corner..appetizing and outstanding


Dinning in a place of tourist interest is always interesting. I have not expressed myself much in my earlier blogs anything about dinning. But the last trip to Dehradun was something amazing, which I thought I should bring to my readers at mytravelnama.com. The experience at Kalsang Friends’ Corner was truly amazing. And I strongly believe that those who are touring Dehradun would not be disappointed.


Kalsang Friends’ Corner Dehradun

My brief tour to Dehradun

I was on an officual trip to Dehradun. Yet  I managed a couple of hours after wrapping my work during the pre-lunch session. My hotel was fairly near to the famous Ghantaghar (Clock Tower) which was hardly 200 metres from Hotel Moti Mahal.


Ghantaghar Dehradun


Ghantaghar or the Clock Tower is one of the busiest places in Dehradun. The amazing pillar like tower houses a huge clock. The names of freedom fighters from the region are engraved in their eternal memory saluting their contribution to our Nation’s freedom struggle.



Paltan Bazaar

The Ghantaghar is closely flanked by the famous Paltan Bazaar, the most renowned market place in the city of Dehradun. The market houses a wide range of modern and traditional shops selling garments, electronic goods, furnitures, household items, fruits and vegetables.


Paltan Bazaar Dehradun


The Ghantaghar view from Paltan Bazaar

My needs at Paltan Bazaar were limted to recharging my prepaid number and enjoying a glass of chilled lemon water. With the lunch hour on, I decided to move in to Kalsang Friends’ Corner. Thanks to one of my colleagues at office for recommending his wonderful foodie hangout.

On the way to Kalsang Friends’ Corner

I took an auto from Ghantaghar and even in the afternoon rush we moved out in the North direction taking the Rajpur Road. It took almost 8 minutes for the auto to reach my destination.


Way to Kalsang Firends Corner from Ghantaghar

Kalsang Friends Corner

The restaurant is a two storeyed mansion, simple in appearance with a small parking ground in its front. Once you climb the stairs and move in to the family restaurant, you enter a different world of hospitality and comfort.


The restaurant entrance


The restaurant reception

The traditional Tibetian interor decoration is just amazing.  The Tibetian banners, artifacts create an unique aura. The serving boys and staffs are all dressed in traditional Tibetian gowns which immediately catches your attention.

The Prized Valley View Tables

The restautant’s most prized tables are located towards the valley side balcony. Here the restautant balcony overhangs an entire valley offering the view of distant mountains and the sprouting city of Dehradun. These tables are prized possesions for young couples and newly weds – a perfect romantic destination for Honeymooners cooing around with a chilled welcome drink or juice.


The valley view tables


The amazing Doon Valley from Kalsang Balcony


The spectacular Valley View

The Food

The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Tibetian, Chinese and Thai Cuisine which are hardly known to many of us. I was particulary drawn towards a bowl of Phad Thai Noodles and sauced Chilly Chicken which was served with lot of care and hospitality. The taste was just amzing.


The Tibetian Cuisine Menu


The Starters: French Fries


Delicious food being served


Chilly Chicken and Noodles

At the end of the day I had to admit the taste of the dishes was uniquely different from any A grade Chinese restaurant in Kolkata & Delhi. In ambience anf hospitality I would give Kalsang 9.5 out of 10.


Happy dinning at Kalsang

The Billboard

The restaurant has an amazing Billboard with prized comments made by satisfied visitors on paper cuttings and table papers. This strongly speaks of the Kalsang brand and the extent of the impact the restaurant and its people had created over the years.


The Kalsang Billboard pinned with visitor good words

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