Rendezvous with the Mighty Indus


Norman Maclean had quoted “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it”. Our country has been gifted by several mighty rivers that had shaped the dawn of civilization. The mighty Indus or the Sindhu had a crucial role to the emergence of our subcontinent as one of the most powerful civilizations of the world.


The Mighty Indus from Thiksey Monastery

Indus View from Thiksey Monastery

For any tourist visiting Ladakh, the full Indus valley view is a treat for any eye. Whether you are climbing the stairs up to the monastery or standing on its amazing roofs, the view of the serpentine green waters of the Indus takes you a whole new world.

The Mighty Indus


The amazing landscape near the Sindhu Ghat

The Sindhu Ghat

It was a privilege to be at the Sindhu Ghat, the holy banks of the mighty river Indus. The spot is considered as one of the major attractions in and around Leh. The banks of the river had been meticulously paved into a gallery for holding religious festivals and Pujas.


The evening Sun shone brightly way above

The entrance is guarded by two beautiful pillars looking like memorial columns, welcoming us towards the banks of the mighty river. The backdrop scenery is amazingly spectacular with snow clad ranges overwhelming the dark brown mountains of Ladakh.


Amazing landscape at the Sindhu Ghat

The distant limits of the valley floor lay wide ahead with tinges of greenery surpassing the dull greyish monotony of the landscape. The evening Sun shone brightly way above us in the clear blue sky hardly having any signs of fatigue.

DSC_0510 - Copy - Copy

The Sindhu Ghat

The River Bank

It was a pleasure to find such a neat and clean river bank, well paved and meticulously maintained.

Amazing Landscapes @Sindhu Ghat

The stream of the river looked surprisingly quiet and feeble out here compared to the gushing stream of green waters which we had seen all the way on our drive through the Leh-Manali Highway. Probably the authorities had drawn a small stream out from the main river flow to make it safe for the pilgrims and tourists.


The Indus..amazing landscapes

I could hardly resist the temptation of shooting some adorable selfi shots at this amazing spot.

DSC_0516 - Copy - Copy

The Prized Shot featuring Myself on the banks of the Indus

The aerial view

Next day we were on our flight back to Delhi. The aircraft sped through the runway of Kushok Bakula Rimpoche Airport of Leh and meticulously took off beating the ominously looking stiff mountain cliffs surrounding us.


The Indus disappeared once for all carving its way through a deep gorge

The mighty Indus was once again sparkling way down in the valley floor with all its majestic grace.


Adieu Ladakh the land of amazing grey mountains

It suddenly took a sharp bend into the mountain ranges lying towards our left which were probably the outer limits of the famous Zaskar Ranges, till it disappeared once for all carving its way through a deep gorge as we finally bid adieu to Ladakh the land of amazing grey mountains.

13 thoughts on “Rendezvous with the Mighty Indus

  1. Beautifully Written & Fantastic clicks ! One of the best posts I have come across.. As for Ladakh, It is undoubtedly a divine place..Indus valley view is mesmerizing !

    We too visited a beautiful north Indian Hill station recently !

    And Here ‘s a short write up from my recently updated Travel Diary about :

    My ‘With Family’ story of a near perfect Hill Station !!(Photograph based )

    Hope you find it interesting ! 🙂

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    1. MANALI has always been a dream destination…for mytravelnama
      You post is SUPERB..Keep up doing the fabulous work…
      Hope that you must have visited Castle Naagar, Roerick Villa, Jaana Falls too…and the famous Manu Temple in Old Manali..
      Wish you Happy Travelling & Blogging…
      Team Mytravelnama

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