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“Quest for the BLACK TAJ”..

“The Taj Mahal is the world-famous architecture. Parallel to it, the story of the Black Taj Mahal existed which described that Shahjahan wanted to build another identical mausoleum on the opposite bank of the river Yamuna with black stone. Experts have declared Black Taj to be a myth, without conducting any in-depth research (even they don’t have any proof for what they claim). Clarity on this subject was important as it seemed to be the complementary part of the Taj Mahal.

From the past 30 years, I was busy researching this subject. And finally, my work took the shape of a book which was published in January 2014 by the name “BLACK TAJ MAHAL: The Emperor’s Missing Tomb”. I feel that my work need to be spread world-wide to remove confusing rumours in this regard. You are requested to click on the following link to see a short film on my creativity:


And the following link will lead to the blog which highlights some critical questions on the subject of Black Taj.


So far, I have continued my journey all alone, but now I am in need of patronage to finish my mission. Even, your promotional support will keep my spirit alive, I can provide more details on this subject”.

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Iftakhar Nadime Khan



Iftakhar Nadime Khan have received “National Award” from the Govt. of India, “State Award” from the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and “Yashbharti Samman” from Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

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